Farewell Party

I wanna apologise for not having good photos of the farewell party because 1) I left early and 2) I'm not a good photographer. But it was lovely, and it was where some of the last precious conversations of the Academy were happening, which will lead to all kinds of wonderful pollinations in the future. … Continue reading Farewell Party

KIDS, by Liu Kuan Siang

Just gonna publish someone else's Instagram of the Taiwanese dance performance we all watched after the wrap-up! https://www.instagram.com/p/Bee5EV9H2We/?tagged=curatorsacademy Paik-Yin and I were particularly moved because there was a sonic backdrop of Mandarin and Hokkien. Although, as per the title, there were choreographic representations of running and dancing children (Chinese New Year, propagandistic joyful images of … Continue reading KIDS, by Liu Kuan Siang

Interview with Wayla Amatathammachad (Thailand)

After a while, I realised I couldn't interview all the participants—none of us had enough time, and they had more than enough to think about without me poking my nose in to ask them questions. Luckily, playwright and poet Alfian Sa'at told me he felt like interviewing some of them! He's good friends with Wayla … Continue reading Interview with Wayla Amatathammachad (Thailand)